Philly food is so much more than cheesesteaks. Let us show you.

Review: Northeast Sandwich Co.

menuWhen you work in the northeast and you hear Kris Serviss is cooking at a new place, you get there as soon as you can.  And while we couldn’t get there the first day it was open (a weekend), we made sure to grab lunch at Northeast Sandwich Co. on Monday.  The place is tiny and, even though it seems out of the way, it was packed with the lunch rush the entire time we were there.

While they plan on getting some outdoor seating when the weather is nicer, right now there are just two counters along the windows that can seat about eight people total, and a circular counter in the center of the place with a hole for a trash can that could possibly be considered a place to stand and eat if you didn’t mind being near trash the whole time.  The food there makes it worth it.

friesIf the name wasn’t a giveaway, the place deals in sandwiches, and delicious ones at that.  There are over a dozen to choose from, plus myriad breakfast options, salads, soups, mac and cheese, wings, and fries.  And as we learned from Blue Duck, Kevin Serviss knows his fries. The sandwiches are well-made and filling enough to either get you through the rest of your work day, or make you want to nap.  I’m still trying to figure out which they’re better for.  Which we will do on our pretty well guaranteed future trips.

Eat You Fill of…

Brisket Fries – If you’re like me, you’re a fan of fries with piles of things on them.  And while you won’t find the masterpiece that is the Blue Duck Fries, you will get these bad boys: perfectly cooked fries topped with smoked brisket, American cheese sauce, and chives.  Just in case your sandwich wasn’t filling enough, this will be.

Pork Belly Reuben – The name alone should tell you how awesome this sandwich is. It’s pastrami-spiced pork belly with cucumber and pickled red cabbage, thousand island dressing, cheese, and rye bread—everything that makes a sandwich great.  It seemed a little thin, but for the price (and the taste) you can’t go wrong, especially if you supplement it with a pile of fries.


Nashville Hot Chicken – A massive, spicy chicken breast sandwich awaits you here that most definitely will not disappoint.  Topped with lettuce, pickle, ranch, and a potato bun, it’s got everything you need, including size.  Chicken sandwiches always run the risk of being standard or boring.  This one is not.



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