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Review: VStreet

Korean Fried Tempeh Tacos

Korean Fried Tempeh Tacos

VStreet has been calling to us for a while: we’ve always been interested in street food from around the world, and lately we’ve been looking more and more into vegan food—of which Philadelphia has a great selection.  Of all the vegan places we’ve been so far, though, VStreet is definitely one of the best at not making us miss meat in our meals.

The restaurant is small and thin, as you would expect from a space right next to Rittenhouse Square. In front are a few window seats and the bar, leading back to more seating and then an open kitchen in the back.  The lighting is low and makes for a slightly superior atmosphere than you would expect from a place that promotes itself as a street foodery, but that shouldn’t deter anyone, as the dishes are well worth however you feel like dressing to try them.

Everything we had (stress on “everything” – there were 12 dishes on the menu and four of us, so we were able to check off a bucket list item and order “one of everything”) was delicious, and nothing we had made us shrug and push it away.  The drinks were also well above average, with beer from Hill Farmstead (Dorothy) on tap and one of the most interesting cocktails we’ve had—the Colonel Mustard In The Library With A Dagger, which contains gin, cocchi, and mustard. Unfortunately, though, the menu didn’t include the reuben we’ve been hearing so much about.


Mushroom Dan Dan Noodles

Mushroom Dan Dan Noodles

Kung Pao Green Beans – The beans come chilled with peanuts and crispy noodles, and they pack enough punch that they would be at home on Han Dynasty’s menu.  The beans are a great opening act, with spice that will wake up your tastebuds.  Just don’t pour the sauce on your plate, as the servers never changed our individual plates and the sauce has the capacity to flavor everything else you get.

Jerk Trumpet Mushrooms – This was easily one of the best dishes we had all night.  The grilled mushrooms are accompanied by sweet potato aioli and escovitch cabbage, and each slice of mushroom is a meaty, umami flavor explosion.  We love mushrooms in almost any capacity, but these were flavorful and extremely satisfying.  If you’re a non-vegan eating here, you won’t miss meat with this dish.

Korean Fried Tempeh Tacos – These guys are stuffed with sriracha thousand island sauce and radish kimchi.  They were so flavorful, I was almost surprised when I hit the tempeh because I had forgotten it was in there.  I didn’t even need the meat substitute with everything else that was going on, these were so good.  Hopefully they stay on the menu for quite a while.

Mushroom Dan Dan Noodles – The noodles include shaved zucchini and spicy sesame, and can actually stand up to the dan dan noodles at Han Dynasty and DanDan, which, after the rest of the meal, should not be surprising.  There was a bit of spice, and the noodles were cooked perfectly.  I would return for these, although the Phat Udon Bowl may have been worth the trip on its own as well.


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